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Because Capital Removal is a local removalist company you can be assured your move will be conducted in a professional manner by a team of removalists experienced in all aspects of the Canberra removalist business.

Finding The Best Removalist Company For All Your Home Removal Needs

The presence of so many removalist firms in Canberra can make the process of picking the right one for your need a mundane task. A lot of people are aware of the need to hire a professional removalist but often fall short in finding the right one for their needs.

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We keep Canberra moving

What to look out for in a removalist can be daunting and lead the wrong choice. If you fall into the category of first-time movers, or you are looking to move after a long time, then there’s a need for you know how to go about finding a good home removalist firm.

Canberra Removal are a removalist company you can trust, we have many years experience moving people around Canberra and regions, interstate NSW and VIC.

We understand, it is the little things that matter and it starts with obtaining a quote for your move, after many years in the removalist business in Canberra we have discovered the quickest and easiest way for clients to obtain a quote is to give us a call on 1300 724 005 and after asking you a few questions we’ll have your quote to you in minutes otherwise contact us via our online quote form.

We can move you between Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Weston, Woden, Belconnen, Queanbeyan, Bungendore and any of the other regions around Canberra and provide a professional team and an appropriately sized truck to accommodate your move in a professional manner, we’ll support your move with all the necessary equipment to make sure your moved items arrive in the same condition they left your premises.

What do removalists do?

Removalists contract to move contents of homes, offices, departments, businesses from one location to another. For example move contents of a home in Canberra to a home in Sydney

How do removalists quote a moving job?

A removalist company would usually estimate the size of the move, location from and where the move is from and where the move is to then calculate an estimate of time involved and quote an hourly rate plus travel time to the pickup location.

How many people are usually sent to a move?

The number of people in a team would depend on the size of the move. Some move warrant a team of two and a small truck whilst some moves may warrant a team of 3 – 4 and a large truck. The size of the team and truck will determine the hourly rate charged for the move,